I’m just a man whose intentions are good,

Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.

My exact prayer the first day I walked up her porch, adjusting my shirt, checking my breath, rehearsing my pick up lines to myself, cutting off the ones that sounded off and drastic.

Caught in the middle, she opened her door, the purest azure eyes I had ever seen beaming with radiance perfectly edged into that perfect face, not a day went by that I didn’t see her from a distance, yet each experience came brand new, this in particular, an astonishing sight.

Prior to this day, she knew me as the proud guy next door, at least that’s what she said, it’s kind of hard differentiating timidity from pride these days, we talked, laughed, exchanged digits and that felt like a successful day. She laughed alot, a happy lady, why wouldn’t she, she had everything money could buy, she went where she pleased and was still a resounding brainiac, I, a rotten twayblade, she, the amazing the orchid.

Still I don’t seem to understand how it all transpired, here I am clutching my pillow, taking the lifelessness out, horrified at the thought of it all, yet having flashes of the past, the smiles, the walks and the inbetweens. I’m at loss, not being able to catch my breath, yet still having room to take it all in, you smiled alot, you laughed alot, you flourish, you hunt down the good in me, bringing out the happiness that I thought was lost in the fire. Guess it must have all been a charade, a cloak, hiding what you truly felt, your pains and anguish, i guess i misunderstood you, if not, why did you jump off your window with a rope around your neck?, why do I see you hang from your window, lifeless.

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