Hey.. You.
Yes. You.
You there with the dubious look.
I’m just going to keep this simple.
You with that look as though everyone around you perceives things the same way and only you see things the way you do. You with the feeling as though no one understands life more than you, like you live in a twisted imagination of yourself. Yes you.
You who silently discriminating others for doing things their own way thinking your life is more sophisticated than theirs. Judging them based on their actions, reactions, deeds, misdeeds, likes, dislikes and all that betides. Surfing the net trying to ride the next wave but yet being drowned by it; Days and night browsing and earnestly searching for vague unknowns to fill up your abstract desires of uncanny knowledge.
You think yourself happy yet indifferent to happiness, a loner walking head-high along a dark and crooked alley feeling you are of a higher breed than every other ‘littlun’ on the sidewalk.
Yes you.
Always looking down on those you deem lower than your standard, praising the higher echelon for sake of eye service and familiarity yet discriminating both sides for basically not doing things the ‘right’ way, your way, the sophisticated way.
Stiff necked.
You cut off friends who don’t see things your way.
Your relationship goes south, you keep high notes of the impending break up rather than facing the problem head on. You judge society for its inevitable ignorance forgetting your puny knowledge was handed to you on a platter. You think yourself an oddity, feeling you hear voices in your head talking to you about things, reasoning matters beyond the comprehension of any other mere mortal.
Err… no.
Its just you talking to you about normal things everyone talks about. Letting yourself be deceived, limited even by your perception, feeling you’re what you’re not and thus nipping your development at the bud and remaining stagnant as the wind of change passes you by. You love what you hate yet hate what you love putting you in a state of unnecessary oblivion, fighting with yourself when there is really nothing worth fighting for.
You are not special.
You are not what you perceive yourself to be.
Not sophisticated but quite simple to understand, not abnormal but just normally dumb, not different but just another lost face in the crowd, a child thinking himself a man, a man thinking himself a king, a king thinking himself a god.
Even as you write this, you feel you’re fighting an inner demon, you feel your insanity rising as you try to make sense out of placing juxtaposing words together.
Not what you perceive yourself to be, because after all your pride and pomposity, after all your boastings and revelry, after all your effort to prove yourself a messiah, you will just end up showing the fact that you are not an enigma. Just a regular person living a regular life like everybody else.
You did not prick your finger on any needle of superhuman enlightenment, divine wisdom or extraterrestrial insight.
Fact is you slept off on your yourself.
Get up from your beauty sleep and face the reality.
Your slumber was never that deep to being with.

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