The Mind’s Twisted Conversations

No pictures on this one, the twist happens up there.

The mild voice of a woman;
They are whispering in the shadows
Words one too many
Talking their Cataclysm
Delight in odd utterances.

That’s what you say
That’s what you feel,
Well let me give the the benefit of the doubt
And hear their muse out.

Murmuring in the distance, growing louder with each passing moment till they are so close, we can hear them, thoughts crumbled up, but they’re saying things, trying to make common sense, common sense of me. Yes, they, yes, me… what do they say about me.

You’re peculiarly weird,
No, you’re a dead
Just another face in the crowd
Spraying words arousing sleep.
A shallow mind,
Hardly one of a kind
Great for the three some.
Still, hardly my type
I’d rather take a look then swipe
That’s more than enough for me
Yet forcibly boring
A morning joke for the morning!
Intriguing No?
The chats need water tho.
But helps with our will
A sense of humour thats a cover up for emotional frailty.
A faƧade.
He ain’t what he outwardly portrays
Ever changing, yet stagnant.
Smart for the moment…
Nothing is really definite, but we all have our different opinions of-

The words dwindle as they disperse, making continued small talk till distance silences them.
Zero romance… no Antonym on this one.

The mild voice of a Woman;
Paradoxes of random knowledge
Trying to create an innate version of you,
All scattered around…
What do you make of this

A thousand of me
But only one of me
This might sound odd.
But, I think I’m a god.

Sometimes it’s not what they say, but what you can make out of the long papyrus of gibberish, they may be right, they may be wrong, but always look at it from the good side,
Stay positive.

It all happens in the mind.

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