Dreams… an actual metaphysical place where the ideologies of the mind are portrayed. .. ideologies is it, or frustration… A place where the subconscious can exert all frustrations out while we are the 1st person character of such inanimate environment.

Frustration, yes.. why frustration then, what frustrates it, definitely not in itself, because away from constraints, the subconscious is limitless, in knowledge, strength and actions, it can open any doors, push down any barriers and create from nothing. But only when free from constraints.

What are these constraints, What are these menances holding back such power from breaking through, what are their motives, what are they. Most times, they don’t know what they do or how their devices limit such being, they don’t really act in accordance, they just wish and do nothing, wasting precious thinking spaces to the void, they are all around, they are us, wishing we could be this, wishing we could be that, wishing we could do something, wishing we could be better, yet sleeping it away in a cozy sleep preferring to catch up on it in our precious comfort zone, our dreams, where we can be all we want to be, but where it’s actually a place the mind yearns and shouts to be free giving on imagery to constantly keep putting us off the edge, this is because the dream state is an exertion of frustration from our subconscious on our inability to fulfill our potential, thus dreaming it away.

Great men don’t dream about being great because they are great, no frustration exerted, so take positives from this frustration, don’t dream, succeed.

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