The Books

Haunting words to a growing average nigerian kid… never speak this;

‘Go read your books’.

Never speak this… it’s an automatic entry to a kid’s black list… well my black list, but the grown ups never seemed to fear the blacklist, my superior list. That was my only way of trying to get them other control.

Well that’s not the topic of the moment… we’re hear to dispute the word BOOKS!! The word always made me cry because I thought it was a way of imprisoning me, or scolding me… ‘GO READ YOUR BOOK!!’.. ahh. Anyways, it was forcibly part of my life, brainiac sister, artistic and financial mother, the law in my Father… the books kept piling and i never wanted any part of the books, especially the ones ordained by school. Boring pieces, outdated knowledge, ridiculed literature, they weren’t what I needed.., then came my first encyclopaedia.

500 questions and answers was the first book I was drawn to, it’s beautiful back cover, the knowledge embedded, making me hungrier…it awoken my entire enthusiastic senses. it was just what i needed at the time… plus when I heard 1000 questions and answers existed, I was thoroughly enthused. Guinness book of records made me happy for a while… then I just thought of it as a book of records… that was it.

My secondary school days were fun, a lot of activities, a lot of trouble, a lot of decking, then it all became boring in my S.S.2. To save me from my lack of knowledge, I had to visit the school library and entertained myself with Greek mythology coupled with Roman mythology.. more and more, I swallowed knowledge, some faring well, others boding conspiracy theories, at this time, I began to hear about Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code and Angel’s and Demons, ‘don’t read’.. ‘it will destroy your faith’… ‘heresies and blasphemy’… bla bla bla… words of ignorant underlings… but I stayed away… too much knowledge can become a disease… an addiction.

I kept reading, diving into geography and learning countries, capitals and their locations geography brainiac… then I discovered Ted Dekker when I was about descending back to my oblivious boredom.. the darkness. Black, Red and White.. then HOUSE.. the ultimate, a link up with Frank Peretti. Awesome. What could anyone ask for, horror was my fantasy.

More novels, inspiration books and conspiracy theories and i was sinking back to my oblivion. No help from anywhere, I had to go back to the drab school books. Slowing forgetting my hunger, my enthusiasm, I started looking for a new place to fuel my interest. After university, got my degrees and started serving my country, the social media had already dropped enough dopamine in my life already, it was time to go back to reading, first stop, thr3e… this novel was epic… like I was watching a movie, more and more Ted Dekker inspiration and i felt I should write my novel. It was a welcoming thought, but a more in-depth knowledge in literature wouldn’t hurt.

Now… writing little pieces has been part of the plan to keep me out of my oblivion, the darkness and also as helped me immensely in building my writing skills. The other part well… it’s Dan Brown’s conspiracies at the moment. Ciao.

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