Sometimes I just wake up early in the morning and look around, get out of my bed and head straight for the bathroom, stare at the mirror for a second and then the thought will run up on me like… ‘yo.. bro.. what did you say you could again?’.. normally I would bask in my self confidence of the response, ‘I can do a lot, check this out’, but when it’s time to mention my ‘God given’ talents, I would just pause, like shit.. the end of the road.. without taking a step, then that’s when doubt really creeps in and i say, ‘yo, to think of it what can I actually do, what can I actually do and say.. yeah men I excel in this.. I own this’.. then that’s when stuff begins to dawn on me.

First 5 years of the new millenium:
i didn’t include my early birth years well because we know our talents then.. cry ourselves out until mum comes either trying to know the problem or decking us out of the problem, the latter was always the case.. good ol’ decking.. could solve any problem. Past that and now i’m really trying to discover my talents. See I was this chubby kid who refused to hear I can’t do and shouldn’t do some specifics, yeah I could run round and play rough till I get injured or ‘decked’ again but really didn’t show any retaliation.. it was always like.
Mum: don’t go near the fridge
Me (in my mind): you can’t do anything.. yen yen yen.. I will go and if you like beat me, it will not enter😝😝😝..
Me: oh.. okay mum.
My mind was my insidious warehouse.
At this time, I did little experiments with basically everything, repaired a few electronics and constructed houses on paper.. Architecture seemed to come naturally.. ah!! a talent. It was like I was a wonder kid and before soon I’d realise my potential.. lies. The old I got the fewer electronics I repaired, the fewer houses I constructed but the crazy experiments refused to go away, putting me into all kinds of trouble.. just go!!.. as time went on, I just lived by the title. Then I was shipped to my penitentiary of a secondary school, that’s were shut got real.

Next 10 years of confound talentlessness:
Ahh!! New beginnings, New environment… time to conquer and lead.. or so I thought. The level of no talent I experienced could be divided through all aspects of activities in the school. Ranging from too to bottom.

  1. Football: i love this game.. so much, i’m a staunch fan of manchester united. But to express this love on the field of play zero. For the next 10 years, I was only able to manage 2 goals, playing from goalkeeper to striker.. (most was behind the sticks tho). The torment.. it got so bad that well we were 69 in my set in secondary school, there will be up to 7 sets of 10 players, I still will not be able to make it in. I just had to move on.
  2. Chemistry: days of experiments didn’t fetch me Jack other than an absurd fail in chemistry. A test in ether and ethanol rendered me ineffectual.
  3. Basketball: ah.. wonderful. I was making my mark when I first started, recorded 100% of shots made for the 6 months, I was living the dream, talenti ti wa. But after I didn’t understand, errors after errors, droughts in front of baskets, I lost it, 5 years on and i only made a handful of shots. Talenti ti lo.
  4. Maths: although maths is actually in reverse order, I wasn’t good for a long time then once upon a time, It came natural.. but when I mean maths i only mean dy/dx don’t test me with any other thing please.
  5. Accounting: business studies.. dreadful shorthand, all there just to make me look dumb, up till today, no account has balanced, and I’m tired of being bothered.
  6. Literature: from this place downward, I had a little hand in each of them, literature, writing, reading, these were my saving grace, actually completed a book before leaving secondary school titled ‘they live’ but its been lost in time😀😀.
  7. Art: well what I didn’t know in technical drawing got covered up for in art, my meticulous nature got me obsessed with perspective… but then painting sought of eluded me, although I had a monochrome painting success.
  8. Con-Artistry: not on the large scale though, this was were I refused to enter but clearly had a talent in. University cafeteria suffered as I perfected this art, why on earth will you give me meagre allocations of meal and a satchet of water.. i had to pull stunts on them. Some yellow-kid weil kinda stunt.

There were a lot more, but I already knew I couldn’t even divulge into them.

The aftermath and discovered Talents:
Well now, I’m just here, using one of my discovered skills to tell this story, I know that I have talents, I just don’t know what they are, but let’s just know that in the end, no man is born without talents, the fact that somebody is excelling in a particular field doesn’t mean you can’t excel too. Find what you’re marvellous in and your success will come with constant development. This is just an elaboration of my thoughts. Good day friends.

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