The Master’s Return

Childhood always had something epic, doing diabolical shit and expecting not to get into trouble, but reverse was always the case, waiting for night to come so we would be told stories. The stories that always got me excited were the ones from the animal kingdom. Little shit tales of extraordinary feats performed by animals in the kingdom always left me dazzled. Stories of the great wars between the monkey clan and the giraffe folks, tales of the cunningness of the Fox and its eventual demise, tales of those little pigs that seemed so pointless.. blow the DAMN house already, then tales of the great wisdom of the tortoise.. the great Ijapa, crazy tales of the tortoise messing up the hare in its own game, tortoise stealing food from birds and getting its ass whooped, tortoise stealing princesses and drinking hot peppery sauces to prove its bravery.. it was just years of season long series of the tortoise and its escapades.. badass Ijapa. Well, little did we know this was another scheme for the adults to ploy a feat in the future. Now we are seeing the stories come alive.. badass omo baba lowo snake swallowing 36 mil at the Jamb office, Rambo Rat’s assault on the aso rock, the invincible monkey’s heist of the northern Senate house, making out with over 70 mil. Wow…😩😩 the elephant of first bank stealing all the cash in first bank.. (oh it hasn’t happened yet.. 😯😯dang it😒). To make matters worse, the crazy cows are at it at the airport demanding for their American visa, shits going crazy., well people have come up with conspiracy theories that its all a reincarnation of snake in the monkey shadow.. well I just think it’s the return of the great Ijapa and all these are just part of its grand entry… but it’s just a figment of my imagination.. what do you think?😫

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