The Music.

Music wasn’t really my stuff, any good music with continuous tripping beats caught me. Pitbull’s international love, Chris brown’s zero and stuff like that, even martin garrix’s animals caught me oh yeah and 2010 world cup song.. (still don’t know the name). It was until the summer of 2015 when I began to listen to ‘la copa de la vida’ by Ricky Martin, then I felt old school music was my shit, downloaded the whole album, featuring ‘la bomba’ and stuff, got to abba and downloaded their album, still have that. Then spice girls. Well listened to them a bit then went to school. After I got used to the flow, i deleted them except abba, that gave me a nostalgic feeling. Went back to school and then heard the weeknd. Now, prior to this time, I’ve been hearing of the weeknd, but i thought his music was that shit I usually heard over the radio so I didn’t bother, but then beauty behind the madness had a different string to it and that got me interested in his music. Plus, i had attached the album to a particular relationship. Some of my guys will understand, probably would be a story for another day. Yes, Subomi thought it was a bright idea to introduce Jon bellion to the squad. It was actually a brilliant idea, as he still complains that he came with only 5 songs and left with 3 albums. Anyways, i got more and more addicted to this flow and after a while, i felt this was my zone until… there came Rosco ( Rashid Oluwatobiloba) and with him came trap. Trap… trap… trap… very heinous yet eye-catching beat, the mixture of the 808s, hihats and bass drum just gave a beat that you would subconsciously keep moving your head and legs to. I really didn’t understand trap, my close friend, oladimeji olaoluwa kept explaining it to me differentiating the sounds for me till I finally got the trick, and I know the weeknd wasn’t trap at the time. Then olaolu started explaining the difference between trap and conventional trap, trap was getting soiled with additions from Bryson tiller; T R A P S O U L, Tory lanez, Eli sostre, 6lack, just to mention a few and true trap fanatics had to stick with future, 2chainz, 21 savage, migos, Travis Scott… etc. And that version of music was termed as thrash… I still loved them though. Anyways before I started falling deep into this movement, there came the weeknd again with the mothafucking starboy and Jon bellion before that, dropped his fourth album, human condition. Overtime, I’ve become accustomed to hearing the trapbeats everywhere I go, I’m already addicted to the sounds of the 808s and hihats and bassdrums… it’s a simple yet sophisticated tone. Its prolific and, It’s now what I love and what I call my music.

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