The Discovery

It took him long enough to discover his desperation. It had overwhelmed him so much, he had lost everything.. His wife, the children.. Even his hoes… He was bitter, a sad pathetic loser peeping from his window seeing as happy people lived their lives in love. Love.. Love was a lost word to him he had lost belief in those letters long ago. Rather they had reappeared in another form taking the shape of the feeling he had for everyone. He hated so much. Love was less than nothing. It had only brought him pain, sadness and a hell of a cardiac disturbance. But right now he felt less than hate. He felt utter frustration and depression.. Frustration from the fact that people he had hatred for didn’t feel the type of anchor weighing down on his weak heart and depression from the eventuality of frustration. He sat, tears rolled down. He had reached his end time, it was time to take him from this state… From this world. He didn’t care where he ended, he felt it would be better to go than to remain in this charade. At the last moment he ran his eyes through the room in search of something to do the trick but then he found… He found a lost companion, kept hidden from him by this entanglement of sorrow.. He was blinded, but now crying out in deep desperation he saw and when he saw he found this. He found this companion that gave him memories to hold on to… He found this that gave him flashbacks of when the sun rose and he beckoned to the opening of the flowers in the surrounding, flashbacks of glorious moments that gladdened his heart and tilted the corner of his lips upwards. He found his bible… He found GOD.

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