Out Of The Cold

What can be more satisfactory than a prolonged want at your doorstep… That which you crave for so deeply, having this sense of feeling that you will never be able to get it, the feeling that you are unable to control it… This feeling takes full control of your soul plunging you deeper into make up devices with the soul purpose of getting the desired target… Eventually… After much admiration and unsatisfactory gazes… The inner will dies and thus the want becomes a myth and soon after retires to the back of the grey matter waiting anxiously for the day of re-vitalization… After constant repels, your mind finally wanders of that thought, acclimatizing to more realistic targets when suddenly, a mix of fortune brings the major want to your feet… Yet the want is there. But your inability to take full control of it before friends arrive makes your want vulnerable… Making you emotionally vulnerable… Over and over your want is being used… Probably trampled upon a d yet at the background… Your stare of admiration on it still gives it some sort of self value though such want in its meagre state has nothing to offer you… Yet you look upon it seeing such potential beyond its rapping.. Still being reminded why it is your want in the first place… Eventually, broken.. The pieces are left for your assemblage.. With honour and pride you pick the pieces up and gradually mold it back… Predators and bloody scavengers look from afar at the incomplete work but still drool in awe of the outer masterpiece not even trying to discover the main reason for your perseverance… Now all that is left is you to protect your want… Show your capability and maybe.. Just maybe the wolves and hyenas will look for alternative in another man’s thrash can.


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